Journal Articles

Spurling, N. (2018) Matters of Timing: Materiality and the changing temporal organisation of everyday energy consumption, Journal of Consumer Culture. Online first.

Spurling, N. (2015) Differential Experiences of Time in Academic Work: How qualities of time are made in practice, Time and Society, v.24, n.3, 367-389.

Shove, E., Watson, M. and Spurling, N. (2015) Conceptualising Connections: Energy demand, infrastructures and social practices, European Journal of Social Theory, v.18, 274-287.

Spurling, N.J., (2007) Exploring Adjustment: The Social Situation of Chinese Students in UK HE, Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences, v.3, n.1

Book Chapters

Spurling, N. (2018) Making Space for the Car at Home: Planning, Priorities & Practices, in Shove, E. and Trentmann, F. (Eds) Infrastructure in Practices, Routledge: London.

Blue, S. and Spurling, N. (2016) Qualities of Connective Tissue in Hospital Life: How complexes of practices change over time in Hui, A., Schatzki, T. and Shove, E. (Eds) The Nexus of Practice: Connections, Constellations and Practitioners, London: Routledge.

Spurling, N. and McMeekin, A. (2015) Interventions in Practices: Sustainable mobility policies in England, in Yolande Strengers and Cecily Maller (eds) Social Practices, Interventions and Sustainability: Beyond Behaviour Change, Routledge.

Shove, E. and Spurling, N. (2013) Sustainable Practice in Shove, E. and Spurling N. (Eds) Sustainable Practices: Social theory and climate change, London:Routledge.

Spurling, N.J. (2012) Research Strategies: ‘capital’ and the goods of social science research, in P. Trowler, M. Saunders and R. Bamber (Eds) Tribes and Territories in Higher Education: Practices in the 21st Century,London: Routledge

Edited Books
Shove, E. and Spurling, N. (Eds) (2013) Sustainable Practices: Social theory and climate change, London:Routledge


Marsden, G, Dales, J., Jones, P., Seagriff, E. and Spurling, N (2018) All Change? The future of travel demand and the implications for policy and planning. First Report of the Commission on Travel Demand. ISBN 978-1-899650-83-5, read here >>

Spurling, N., and Shove, E. (2014) Developing DECC’s Evidence Base: A Commentary from the DEMAND Research Centre.

Spurling, N., McMeekin, A., Shove, E., Southerton, D. and Welch, D. (2013) Interventions in Practice: Reframing policy approaches to consumer behaviour, SPRG Report, read here >>

Caruana, V. and Spurling, N.J. (2007) Internationalisation of the curriculum and the support of international students: a review of the literature, Higher Education Academy

Other Publications

Kuijer, L. and Spurling, N. (2017) (Eds) Everyday Futures: A new interdisciplinary area of research, ACM Interactions Magazine, April Issue.

Spurling, N. and Kuijer, L. (2016) (Eds) Everyday Futures:  An Essay Collection, http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/everydayfutures/essay-collection/

Marcore, E. and Spurling, N. (2016) Grow Your Own: Space, planning, practice and everyday futures of domestic food consumption, in Spurling, N. and Kuijer, L. (Eds) Everyday Futures: An Essay Collection.

Spurling, N. (2015) Demand by Design: How our infrastructures and professions shape what we do in Robinson, R. (Ed) Sustainability: New questions, new answers, GSI, ARU:Cambridge, UK.

Spurling, N. (2014) The relationship between (practice) theory and policy intervention, first presented at The Behaviour-Practice Debate in Sustainable Consumption, Nottingham Trent University, 22 May 2014. Revised version presented at DEMANDing Ideas, read here >>

Spurling, N. and Blue, S. (2014). Entities, Performances and Interventions. In Foulds, C. & Jensen. C.L. (Eds) Practices, the Built Environment and Sustainability – A Thinking Note Collection. Cambridge, Copenhagen, London: GSI, DIST, BSA CCSG.

Macrorie, R., Daly, M. and Spurling, N. (2014) Can ‘systems of practice’ help to analyse wide-scale socio-technical change?,  in C. Foulds and C.L. Jensen (Eds) Practices, the Built Environment and Sustainability – A Thinking Note Collection, Cambridge, Copenhagen, London: GSI, DIST, BSA CCSG, read here >>

Spurling, N. and McMeekin, A. (2013) Seatbelts and the dynamics of policy and practice: Revisiting successful behaviour change. Working paper written for the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, London, 27-30 August 2013. RGS seatbelts

Hui, A. and Spurling, N. (2013) Career Dynamics in Social Practices: accumulation, concurrent careers and career demographics, read here >>

Spurling, N.J., (2009) Becoming and Being: University Reform, Biography and the Everyday Practice of Sociologists, EPOKE Working Paper Series, n.10,  Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitetsskole, read here >>

Spurling, N. (2014) Tesla’s Technocars are the Right Answer to the Wrong Question, The Conversation, read here >>

Welch, D. and Spurling, N. (2014) Towards Sustainable Consumption: Start by reframing the questions, Policy@Manchester, read here >>

Spurling, N. and Dan Welch (2014) Unsustainable Practices: Why electric cars are a failure of ambition, Talking Climate, read here >>


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