Journal Articles

Spurling, N. (2019) Dormant Vehicles: Inverting urban mobility futures, Land Use Policy, Online First.

Spurling, N. (2018) Matters of Timing: Materiality and the changing temporal organisation of everyday energy consumption, Journal of Consumer Culture. Online first.

Spurling, N. (2015) Differential Experiences of Time in Academic Work: How qualities of time are made in practice, Time and Society, v.24, n.3, 367-389.

Shove, E., Watson, M. and Spurling, N. (2015) Conceptualising Connections: Energy demand, infrastructures and social practices, European Journal of Social Theory, v.18, 274-287.

Spurling, N.J., (2007) Exploring Adjustment: The Social Situation of Chinese Students in UK HE, Learning and Teaching in the Social Sciences, v.3, n.1

Book Chapters

Spurling, N. (2018) Making Space for the Car at Home: Planning, Priorities & Practices, in Shove, E. and Trentmann, F. (Eds) Infrastructure in Practices, Routledge: London.

Blue, S. and Spurling, N. (2016) Qualities of Connective Tissue in Hospital Life: How complexes of practices change over time in Hui, A., Schatzki, T. and Shove, E. (Eds) The Nexus of Practice: Connections, Constellations and Practitioners, London: Routledge.

Spurling, N. and McMeekin, A. (2015) Interventions in Practices: Sustainable mobility policies in England, in Yolande Strengers and Cecily Maller (eds) Social Practices, Interventions and Sustainability: Beyond Behaviour Change, Routledge.

Shove, E. and Spurling, N. (2013) Sustainable Practice in Shove, E. and Spurling N. (Eds) Sustainable Practices: Social theory and climate change, London:Routledge.

Spurling, N.J. (2012) Research Strategies: ‘capital’ and the goods of social science research, in P. Trowler, M. Saunders and R. Bamber (Eds) Tribes and Territories in Higher Education: Practices in the 21st Century,London: Routledge

Edited Books
Shove, E. and Spurling, N. (Eds) (2013) Sustainable Practices: Social theory and climate change, London:Routledge


Marsden, G, Dales, J., Jones, P., Seagriff, E. and Spurling, N (2018) All Change? The future of travel demand and the implications for policy and planning. First Report of the Commission on Travel Demand. ISBN 978-1-899650-83-5, read here >>

Spurling, N., and Shove, E. (2014) Developing DECC’s Evidence Base: A Commentary from the DEMAND Research Centre.

Spurling, N., McMeekin, A., Shove, E., Southerton, D. and Welch, D. (2013) Interventions in Practice: Reframing policy approaches to consumer behaviour, SPRG Report, read here >>

Caruana, V. and Spurling, N.J. (2007) Internationalisation of the curriculum and the support of international students: a review of the literature, Higher Education Academy

Other Publications

Spurling, N. (2019) Lancaster Lines, Essay for the International Symposium ‘Connecting Practices, Following Demand’ at Lancaster University, April 2019. This will be available on the practice methodologies blog in August 2019. https://practicetheorymethodologies.wordpress.com/

Kuijer, L. and Spurling, N. (2017) (Eds) Everyday Futures: A new interdisciplinary area of research, ACM Interactions Magazine, April Issue.

Spurling, N. and Kuijer, L. (2016) (Eds) Everyday Futures:  An Essay Collection, http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/everydayfutures/essay-collection/

Marcore, E. and Spurling, N. (2016) Grow Your Own: Space, planning, practice and everyday futures of domestic food consumption, in Spurling, N. and Kuijer, L. (Eds) Everyday Futures: An Essay Collection.

Spurling, N. (2015) Demand by Design: How our infrastructures and professions shape what we do in Robinson, R. (Ed) Sustainability: New questions, new answers, GSI, ARU:Cambridge, UK.

Spurling, N. (2014) The relationship between (practice) theory and policy intervention, first presented at The Behaviour-Practice Debate in Sustainable Consumption, Nottingham Trent University, 22 May 2014. Revised version presented at DEMANDing Ideas, read here >>

Spurling, N. and Blue, S. (2014). Entities, Performances and Interventions. In Foulds, C. & Jensen. C.L. (Eds) Practices, the Built Environment and Sustainability – A Thinking Note Collection. Cambridge, Copenhagen, London: GSI, DIST, BSA CCSG.

Macrorie, R., Daly, M. and Spurling, N. (2014) Can ‘systems of practice’ help to analyse wide-scale socio-technical change?,  in C. Foulds and C.L. Jensen (Eds) Practices, the Built Environment and Sustainability – A Thinking Note Collection, Cambridge, Copenhagen, London: GSI, DIST, BSA CCSG, read here >>

Spurling, N. and McMeekin, A. (2013) Seatbelts and the dynamics of policy and practice: Revisiting successful behaviour change. Working paper written for the RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, London, 27-30 August 2013. RGS seatbelts

Hui, A. and Spurling, N. (2013) Career Dynamics in Social Practices: accumulation, concurrent careers and career demographics, read here >>

Spurling, N.J., (2009) Becoming and Being: University Reform, Biography and the Everyday Practice of Sociologists, EPOKE Working Paper Series, n.10,  Danmarks Pædagogiske Universitetsskole, read here >>

Spurling, N. (2014) Tesla’s Technocars are the Right Answer to the Wrong Question, The Conversation, read here >>

Welch, D. and Spurling, N. (2014) Towards Sustainable Consumption: Start by reframing the questions, Policy@Manchester, read here >>

Spurling, N. and Dan Welch (2014) Unsustainable Practices: Why electric cars are a failure of ambition, Talking Climate, read here >>

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