Symposia and Networks Convened and Chaired

2017 Spurling, N. The Role of Parking in Future Cities: Symposium and Workshop, The Trinity Centre, Cambridge, http://www.demand.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/11/Parking-Symposium-Report.pdf, 21 September 2017. Funded by the Travel Demand Commission and the Greater Cambridge Partnership.

2017 Spurling, N. with Welch, D., Keller, M., Mandich, G. and Newmarch, G. Everyday Futures: Making, Feeling, Disrupting, Consuming, Curated Session at Anticipations2017, London, 8-10 November 2017.

2017 Spurling N. with Kuijer, L. Making Everyday Futures, Everyday Futures Network Summer Workshop, Eindhoven University of Technology, http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/everydayfutures/workshops/workshop2/, 10-12 July 2017. Funded by Design United, The Netherlands.

2016 Spurling, N. and Kuijer, L. Exploring Everyday Futures, Everyday Futures Network Inaugural Workshop, Lancaster University, http://wp.lancs.ac.uk/everydayfutures/workshops/workshop1/, 14-15 July 2016.

2016 Spurling, N. with Schwanen, T. and Shove, E. Track title: Infrastructures in Practice and in Flux, 4S/EASST, Sept 2016, Barcelona.

2016 Spurling, N. with Falconbridge, J. Track Title: Professions and Energy Demand. DEMAND International Conference, Lancaster, April 2016.

2012 Spurling, N. with Shove, E. and Walker, G. Track title: Connecting and Comparing ‘Practice’ Concepts: Social theories of practice and STS, 4S/EASST2012, Copenhagen, Denmark, 17-21 October.

2010 Spurling, N. with Hui, A., Shove, E. Track Title: Practices on the move: dynamics, circulation and diffusion, EASST: Practicing science and technology, performing the social, University of Trento, Italy, 2010.

International Invited Talks

2017 Spurling, N. Making Space for the Car at Home. Invited talk to the Office of the Victorian Government Architect, Melboune, Australia. 15 December 2017.

2016 Spurling, N. Invited commentator at International Symposium: Social Practices and the Future. 5-6 May, University of Surrey.

2016 Spurling, N. Space in Use: dwelling in days, weeks, seasons and decades. Invited talk at International Symposium: Reconfiguring Light, UCL, 17th Nov, 2016.

2016 Spurling, N. Making and Unmaking space for the car: infrastructure in practice. Invited talk at ‘Everyday Futures’ Symposium, Aalborg University, Copenhagen, 24th May 2016.

National Invited Talks

2018 Spurling, N. Dormant Vehicles: Rethinking parking in future cities. Invited talk at the Launch of the Commission on Travel Demand, Colombia Hotel, London, 3rd May 2018.

2016 Shove, E. and Spurling, N. Rhythmanalysis: Identifying Peaks, Sites and Rhythms. Invited workshop at Transport for London, 21st April.

2016 Spurling, N. Dwelling in the Utopian Everyday. Invited workshop, Bath University, 14th October.

2015 Spurling, N. National Policy, Local Plans and the Jurisdiction of Home, 14th December. Invited talk at Energy Technologies Institute Workshop Low carbon energy for Local Authorities, Loughborough University.

2015 Shove E. and Spurling, N. Pathways to central heating: insights and lessons from past transitions, Energy Technologies Institute, Birmingham, 28th July.

2015 Spurling, N. Exploring the Peaks: Energy demand and the changing rhythms of daily life. Invited talk at University of the Third Age Cumbria Network, Energy Conference, 9th October, Rheged, Penrith.

2014 Spurling, N. Mobility practice bundles. Invited talk & workshop at Professions, Built Environment and Sustainability Network event, 25-26 June, Cambridge.

2014 Spurling, N. The relationship between (practice) theory and policy intervention, The Behaviour-Practice Debate in Sustainable Consumption, Nottingham Trent University, 22 May 2014.

Conference Presentations

Kuijer, L, and Spurling, N. (2017) Making Everyday Futures, Anticipations 2017, Senate House, London, 10-12 November 2017.

Spurling, N. (2017) The Role of Parking in Future Cities, Introduction to Symposium and Workshop, The Trinity Centre, Cambridge, 21 September 2017.

Spurling, N. (2016) Futures at the Interface: Rethinking histories and futures of parking,   4s/EASST, Barcelona, Sept 2016.

Spurling, N. (2016) Making (and unmaking) space for the car, Conceptualising Futures panel, DEMAND International Conference, Lancaster University, 13th-15th April.

Spurling, N. (2015) Planning, priorities, practices: the history of residential car parking in Stevenage 1950-1970, DEMAND Summer School, Lancaster University, 14th-16th July.

Spurling, N. (2015) The Spatial Demands of Practice, European Sociological Association, 25-28 Aug, Prague.

Spurling, N. (2015) Rhythms and Patterns of Daily Life 1950-2000: The changing qualities of energy  demand, European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, 1-6 June, Toulon, France.

Spurling, N. and McMeekin, A. (2013) Seatbelts and the dynamics of policy and practice: Revisiting successful behaviour change, RGS-IBG Annual International Conference, London, 27-30 August 2013. seatbeltslides

Spurling, N. and Shove, E. (2013) Policy works in surprising ways: sustainability and practices, Engaging Sociology, BSA annual conference, Grand Connaught Rooms, London, 3-5 April 2013. BSApolicysurprises

Spurling, N. and McMeekin, A. (2012) Studying policy intervention and the dynamics of practice, 4S/EASST, 17-21 October, Copenhagen Business School.

McMeekin, A. and Spurling, N. (2012) Putting Policy and Intervention into Practices, BSA Climate Change Study Group Event, 30-31 March 2012, University of Southampton.

Spurling, N. (2010) Studying Individuals and Institutions: Taking account of biography, EASST010, Trento, September 2010. EASSTslides

Spurling, N. & McHardy, J. (2010) Paths, Landscapes and Rhythms, 2nd Social Change Climate Change Working Party, Lancaster University, 6-7 January 2010, listen here >>

Spurling, N. (2009) Paths, Projects and the Careers of Practices: Visualising Pred’s time geography, 1st Social Change Climate Change Working Party, Lancaster University, 9-10 July, 2009. predslides2009

Spurling, N. (2009) Universities, Temporalities and the Research Practices of Sociologists, Seminar, DPU, Copenhagen June 2009.

Spurling, N. (2009) University Reform and the Research Practices of Sociologists, The Challenge of Global Social Inquiry, BSA Annual Conference, 16-18 April 2009. BSA09

Spurling, N. (2008) Becoming, Being and Doing: Biography and the Everyday Practices of Sociologists, Seminar, DPU, 13th November 2008. DPU2008

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