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My research explores everyday futures and their implications for energy and transport demand, drawing on futures research and social theories of practice. I am interested in how working lives, daily lives and mobility have changed since 1950, and I have a particular interest in Garden Cities and New Towns as sites for futures research.

To date I have looked at the relationship between planning practices (past and present) and patterns of energy and transport demand. This work considers the relationship between history, the present and the future, and develops new conceptualisations of infrastructure. If you are interested in this work then visit my pages on Demand by design and Adapting infrastructures.

I was involved in exploring the implications of theories of practice for understanding policy and social change. If you are interested in this work then you can read about it in Sustainable practices and Seatbelts history.

My PhD ‘Authors of our own lives?‘ explored how everyday work and careers of sociologists have changed across different eras of university reform. I explored theories of structure, agency and practice in this context, and contributed to debates on producer/consumer authority and time famine/time squeeze.

I have also researched the social situation of International students, contributing to debates about student consumers in fee paying contexts.

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