I am an anthropologist/ sociologist of future mobility.

In a context of climate emergency, and escalating pressure on governments, stakeholders and publics to reverse global warming and accelerate global transition to zero carbon, my research tackles climate change and decarbonisation head-on. It does so by i) taking a critical perspective on the assumptions that underpin practices of transport planning and policy-making ii) addressing questions about how futures of decarbonised mobility could and should be achieved iii) bringing concepts and approaches from theories of practice and the new materialisms into debates on future mobility.

I am a Lecturer at Lancaster University, UK, based in the Centre for Mobilities Research, the Institute for Social Futures and the Department of Sociology. Previously I worked in the DEMAND Centre at Lancaster University and the Sustainable Practices Research Group at the University of Manchester. I have an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Masters & PhD in Sociology.

If you are interested in finding out more then take a look at my Research, Writing, Talks and Engagement pages. If you would like to discuss anything, or find opportunities to work together, please get in touch n.spurling@lancaster.ac.uk

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