My research focuses on everyday futures and their implications for energy and transport demand, drawing on futures research and social theories of practice. How is everyday life depicted in futures of different focus and scale? how have everyday futures been made in the past, and how are they being made in the present? How are futures of different duration and ambition distributed? What theories, methods and data can be developed to imagine and analyse futures and their implications?

These current interests develop my previous research on how working lives, daily lives, mobility and energy demand have changed since the 1950s. I am especially interested in: garden cities and new towns as sites for futures research; developing innovative methods and original angles from which to explore futures of everyday life; cross-cultural comparative research on histories and futures of everyday life; processes and methods of planning.

I have an undergraduate degree in Anthropology and Masters & PhD in Sociology, and my research interests continue to span the social sciences. Much of my research is characterised by innovative methodology, combining historical and contemporary work to study change across temporal and spatial scales.

I am a Lecturer at Lancaster University, UK, based in the Institute for Social Futures and the Department of Sociology. Previously I worked in the DEMAND Centre at Lancaster University and the Sustainable Practices Research Group at the University of Manchester. I have also worked as a researcher in the public sector and an educational developer in the academic sector.

If you are interested in finding out more then take a look at my Research, Writing, Talks and Engagement pages. If you would like to discuss anything, or find opportunities to work together, please get in touch n.spurling@lancaster.ac.uk


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